in the palm of your hand

Pitagora 4.0 was born connected.

See how easy is it to connect your controller to the Internet and access securely to parameters, diagnostics, lift status.

With Fusion, the brand new App developed by DMG, you can access both locally and remotely your Pitagora 4.0 system.

FUSION App is here !

FUSION is the brand new App developed by DMG to enable local and remote monitoring of the Pitagora 4.0 from smartphones or PC.

FUSION provides a complete and user-friendly dashboard to control all main parameters of the Controller, monitor the status of input/output, adjust lift settings, perform system diagnostics, execute predictive maintenance.

Connect your smartphone to the Pitagora 4.0 system either locally via Wi-Fi or remotely through the Cloud (with GPRS or 4G modems).


Receive and process system error messages directly on your smartphone.
Use your Real-Time Monitor to track all signals of the Controller.
Check your advanced diagnostics through the visualization of Input/Output status

The connected controller

Local wi-fi connectivity to smartphones comes as a standard for all Pitagora 4.0 controller, at no extra costs. To enable remote, cloud-based connectivity and benefit from the advantage of real-time remote monitoring the lift, two alternative solutions are offered: GPRS modem or 4G router