The first controller with built-in VVVF device

Motherboard and Fuji LM2 VVVF unit integrated in one device.

New 32bit Motherboard with advanced SW

CAN BUS communication to cabin and floors

Up to 28 Floors 4 m/s

A new generation of Controller

Pitagora 4.0 is the new generation of Controller and prewired electric system created by DMG. At the heart of the system lies an absolute premiére for Europe: the integrated Controller + VVVF inverter, a single, compact device including the DMG motherboard and the Fuji LM2 drive.
Completely renewed in both its hardware and software, the Pitagora 4.0 Controller is designed to match the demanding requirements of EN81-20/50.
Pitagora 4.0 goes far beyond the code to offer innovative, cloud-based connectivity and a new host of advanced functions and options.

Motherboard and Fuji LM2 VVVF unit integrated in a single device.

Behind the VVVF device front cover lies the DMG Motherboard connected to the VVVF. All the inverter parameters are transmitted to the DMG motherboard and easily accessible through the PLAYPAD programmer.

New 32bit Motherboard with advanced SW

The software of the Pitagora 4.0 has been completely redesigned over the most recent 32-bit chipset. New functions and options for system settings and parameters are now available.


CAN BUS communication to cabin and floors.

The lift cabin is connected to the controller through 24-pole flexible cable and twisted/shielded pair to ensure error-free data exchange.

Serial landing interfaces (BDU) are placed at each floor and serve the LOPs (call buttons, display, key switches). BDUs are also equipped with extra inputs for key switches, fire detectors, etc.

BDUs  are connected to each other in the lift shaft through 4-wire cables with mini-fit connectors. Reinforced cables are necessary for lifts with more than 14 floors.

Unprecedented performances: Up to 28 floors – Speed up to 4 m/s – Sestuplex

The PITAGORA 4.0 motherboard manages lifts up to 28 floor stops in serial mode (BDUs at each floor and CAN BUS communication). For lifts up to 14 floors, standard cables between BDUs and the standard COP14 Cabin Interface Board are provided.

Above 14 floors, reinforced cables between BDUs in the shaft and the COP28 interface board in the cabin panel are needed .

As long as the speed of the lift is concerned, DMG recommends the use of incremental encoders as positioning system for installations with speeds of 1 m/s or more. For high-speed lifts (up to 4 m/s) DMG offers absolute encoder.

Groups up of six lifts can be handled with the Pitagora 4.0 system.

The parallel alternative for the floor’s connections

In parallel connection every landing panels are singularly and physically connected to the control panel.

The CSITLOPV30 interface is placed behind every landing panel and all the pushbuttons, indicators, displays and key-contacts connections can easily fit inside.

Through the Q40.PIT8 electronic board positioned on DIN guide, the controller can manage up to 8 access interface.

The CSITLOPV30 floors interface and the Q40.PIT8 board are connected together through 8-pole RJ45 ethernet cable.

In case of modernizations with pre-existent landing panels, all the LOP are equipped with a CSIT08PMS screw-terminals interface, which will connect them in parallel to the Q40.PIT8 board of the control panel.